Friday, April 23, 2010

school kids

I walked in to Jackson via elementary school this week to bring Rece a change of clothes,(accident). on my way to the nurses office I pass 3 or 4 adults I have never seen, All of which greet me by saying, Oh your Angela's Mom, or "that must be Lauren", "Rece tells us all about Jordan", or, I can't wait for Lauren to be in my class, the last one...."How's coda doing? I hear she is in heat!" WOAH, I started to worry.....How much of our personal life to the kids share....with EVERYONE? I took Rece her clothes gathered up Jordan and Lauren and started back for the car, seeing a couple more teachers in the lounge who said, "bye you have such wonderful girls. " I felt like a celebrity mom in my kids elementary. It's just their first year there, and they know everyone. I am so lucky to be blessed with these amazing kids. When parenthood gets overwhelming, It's days like that I try to remember.