Wednesday, April 21, 2010

crock pot disaster

Dinner at the boggs house was smelling a little funny on monday. checked the stew, tasted fine, the rolls, a little brown on the bottom, maybe that was it. We went on with dinner,with random interjected comments about the smell from the kids. I had forgotten about it completely when I went to clean the crock pot between the layers of steel and ceramic was my Favorite tupperware lid, non recognizable, melded to the bottom of my sad crock pot, alas it is a total loss. I thought, at least I dont have to clean it, and dumped the entire thing in the trash.....SAD!


  1. This is unfortunate...I once melted a plastic serving spoon that I left on a burner and it was not good. The smell of melting plastic is not pleasant! Nice photographic evidence of the disaster :)

  2. Divine providence. God was telling you it is time to get a new one, sister.

  3. It IS always nice to get a new apliance.:)