Sunday, October 10, 2010

messes with dresses

I took a leap of faith this week and ordered custom clothing tags for my new line of childrens clothing. nothing fancy just "designs by jenn boggs" i made reces dress last week and have already had 5 orders. i am really excited because this is really FUN! and if it could be a business well thats icing on the cake. the only down side is all the MESS! strings and cut fabric everywhere! if you have any friends or family that want some dresses just let me know.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

scavenger hunt for trash

So the kids were bored and the yard was a mess......sooooo I made a scavenger hunt list (the kids were too young to read so I drew pictures of the trash I saw around the yard Pepsi can, plastic bag, milk jug lid, orange piece of balloon, broken sand shovel....ect.
The kids were occupied for 20 minutes and i got the yard cleaned up fun for all!!!!

Mom tip of the day!!(don't worry they washed their hands after)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

crayon apron

I saw this idea at the farmers market on saturday!! It's a kids apron and at the bottom it holds I just had to make it, here's my version.
Rece is already putting it to use. what a fun idea.

Monday, June 14, 2010

jordans grump face

I have tried and tried to get a picture of this look, he does it all the time and it makes me laugh out loud! He does it when he is trying to get his way.i don't fall for it. ha i love him!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


why is it that swimsuit sizes are SOOO off? If anything the sizes should run big so we can feel a bit skinny but NO a size 2 person wears a size 8 swimsuit my brothers this should not be.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Something you all need to know about Angela Grace Boggs. She was named after John's mom who died in a car accident when he was only 2. She was born with a heart defect and had to have open heart sergery at 9 months of age. She is strong and courageous. You cannot ever tell her she can't do something, she will prove you wrong. At 4 years old she was making breakfast for her sisters and getting them dressed. she is responsible, She often reminds me of playdates or birthday parties I had forgotten. Angela is a SORE loser. She ALWAYS wins, or else. She has never met a stranger. She is a good judge of character, when she was just a few months old she would scream bloody murder when certain people would come around, ended up she was always right on with the CRAZIES. Angela was born an 'old soul' she would rather hang out with adults and talk, than play with a group of kids in the same room. She hates to be alone, she crawls in to bed with one of her sisters or with us every night. She loves high heel shoes, and walks like she was born in them. She was saved when she was 4, funny thing was she got up from naptime and told me she prayed to Jesus out the window and told him she believed in him. Angela has always been independent. Since she was able to walk she never looked back never needed affirmation she is confident. this is my firstborn, and I look up to her. She teaches me daily what trusting God looks like.

the questions of a parent

will they do good in school?
will they love jesus?
do they see jesus in me?
will they be friends when they grow up?
do they resent me or will they?
how much is too much of everything?
do we do things as a family enough?
should I pretend I didn't see the girls fight and let them work it out on their own?
do they feel free to be themselves?
knowing the impact my mom had on me as a child, will my kids want to be like me?
and woud I want my kids to be like me?(this one tugs at my heart daily)

things i know....
Rece is sooo happy
Angela is very literal and loves to learn just About everything.
lauren is EMO but very brilliant and tender.
Jordan is tough and Loves the womens.
all the kids LOVE their daddy and it sounds like the crowd of a rock concert when he opens the door.
our home has an open door policy and all are welcome anytime.
the kids LOVE visitors, and usually want to go home with them,(not sure what that means)
God has blessed john and I tremendously with wonderful children.
my MOM was instrumental in the mom that I am today!
Having a Church family and treating them like family is key in having healthy kids.
The Gospel trumps it all!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

school kids

I walked in to Jackson via elementary school this week to bring Rece a change of clothes,(accident). on my way to the nurses office I pass 3 or 4 adults I have never seen, All of which greet me by saying, Oh your Angela's Mom, or "that must be Lauren", "Rece tells us all about Jordan", or, I can't wait for Lauren to be in my class, the last one...."How's coda doing? I hear she is in heat!" WOAH, I started to worry.....How much of our personal life to the kids share....with EVERYONE? I took Rece her clothes gathered up Jordan and Lauren and started back for the car, seeing a couple more teachers in the lounge who said, "bye you have such wonderful girls. " I felt like a celebrity mom in my kids elementary. It's just their first year there, and they know everyone. I am so lucky to be blessed with these amazing kids. When parenthood gets overwhelming, It's days like that I try to remember.

Friday, March 26, 2010


i built a 3 story treehouse when i was 12, because my brothers kicked me out of THEIR treehouse, plus i already owned the carpenter pants. they came in very handy. I wish I had a picture.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

potty trained in an outhouse

I am going to start writing things most people probably don't know about me so here goes............Yes, it's true yours truly was potty trained in an outhouse. When most people my age were getting their first computer i was living in Indiana in a little place called Brown county. Raised poor, my dad built our house as he had money for materials, so for about 6 months we lived in our basement with no roof......and, no running water! Our family of 5 took baths in a neighbors pond, my dad built an outhouse for our facilities. I was 2. Prime age for Potty training. Sadly, there was not much incentive to climb out of my warm bed and treck down the hill to the cold smelly DARK outhouse. No, there were no lights. John says I grew up 30 years behind the times.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

things I've noticed today

1. cville coffee is not the place to start ferberizing your baby.
2. touching a soldering iron (while on)...bad idea.
3. the rope swing is going to have to come down.
4. grocery store is no place for 4 Boggs children.
5. chocolate banana pie, not so bad.
6. jordan's first poo on the proud..then again on the carpet..not as proud.
7. no land line means no name in the yellowbook..kinda sad about that.
8. paying my kids to play with my hair...worth it!

the Faith of a child

Sunday night while working on the landscaping, I used a wheelbarrow to move some very large rocks from the construction piles down the road. sadly the wheelbarrow tipped over Full of rocks, and landed on my right foot,John swept me up and carried me up the stairs, while icing my foot, sweet darlin Rece came over and said," I asked Jesus to heal your foot". the pain instantly diminished in light of the faith of a little child. As a mom, there have been lots of (moments), but that moment is one I will always remember. My foot has healed well it is now thursday and I can finally wear a shoe, but my biggest take away is seeing Rece go to God in a time where she was unable to help on her own. What a blessing to Know GOD in this life, and see what he is doing. Nothing better.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Way to a Girls heart is SHOES!(or Boots)

Ok, Random, a boy in angela's class bought her a pair of boots! Timberlands, with his own money, second hand. As a mother, there are many ways to look at this. First, He's lying, he stole them from his older sister. Second, he is crazy and if his mom let him do this, she is crazy too. Third, he's so sweet and brilliant to already know that a way to a girls heart is shoes! he's got the upper hand on all the other boys, and starting early at that. .....And he's a thrifter? maybe he's my future son in law. So..what to do....I am going to call angelas teacher get the mom's # and just see what it's all about. being a PARENT is fun and totally unexpected. any suggestions out there?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

crazy little lauren

I love the 3's. This age is innocent and sweet. Last night Lauren awoke at 11:00 because the cat jumped on her. So she came into my bed (john was at a movie) and we just laughed until 12:30. It was precious. Monica watched her for me while I went to the ONE conference (which was awesome) and she said "lauren it's naptime in 30 minutes", to which Lauren replied "you can sleep in my mommy's bed".

Monday, February 15, 2010

crystal in the rough

Desperate for a "FIND" while thrifting this morning left me saying "yes, I will buy your Gap jeans from 4 seasons ago" their version of crystal in the rough. Oh so sad! I cannot walk out of a store version of the yard sale without at least one treasure, even if it is not worth treasuring. sometimes I think deep down I have a problem. and waiting for my ambush intervention around every corner.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Working from around the corner while Rece and Angela are taking a bath, I hear "Angela, do you mind if I pee in here?"