Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the questions of a parent

will they do good in school?
will they love jesus?
do they see jesus in me?
will they be friends when they grow up?
do they resent me or will they?
how much is too much of everything?
do we do things as a family enough?
should I pretend I didn't see the girls fight and let them work it out on their own?
do they feel free to be themselves?
knowing the impact my mom had on me as a child, will my kids want to be like me?
and woud I want my kids to be like me?(this one tugs at my heart daily)

things i know....
Rece is sooo happy
Angela is very literal and loves to learn just About everything.
lauren is EMO but very brilliant and tender.
Jordan is tough and Loves the womens.
all the kids LOVE their daddy and it sounds like the crowd of a rock concert when he opens the door.
our home has an open door policy and all are welcome anytime.
the kids LOVE visitors, and usually want to go home with them,(not sure what that means)
God has blessed john and I tremendously with wonderful children.
my MOM was instrumental in the mom that I am today!
Having a Church family and treating them like family is key in having healthy kids.
The Gospel trumps it all!!

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