Saturday, February 12, 2011

it has been a LONG time

OK, so I am just going to fill you all in on WHY i have been away so long. Well.....I have been working on dresses and leather stuff. I upholstered my coffee table with leather, opened an etsy store, I am getting into Gods word more, and soon I will be watching a friends baby 5 days a week. (Starting next week Actually.) I sat down to blog about 10 times but all i could think to write is i have been cleaning all day.(story of my life) but it's a boring story. I have a few weddings booked for this summer that I am doing hair for, which is SO Exciting! Wedding hair is my FAVORITE. I have always been torn between starting a childrens boutique or doing a traveling wedding service. it's only 3 years until Jordan goes to school, so it's time to make some decisions and get a business plan together. I'm open to suggestions and advice......and Prayer is always appreciated.
I have been collecting wine Corks for an art project so if you have extras please save em for me. Sorry this blog is all over the place. im going to put up some pics of new dresses i've made.


  1. You have the perfect models for the children's boutique! My mom has some material/cloth that she was going to give away so I asked to have it for you. Not sure when I'll get it from her but I'll bring it down when I do. Hopefully, some of it will be useful in your projects. :-)

  2. YAY!!! You're back. I have been wondering when Messes with Dresses would be replaced on the list of blogs I follow...I've missed you!
    That's so exciting that you are doing wedding hair now. Your talent knows no bounds does it? I know someone who has a wedding coming up who has a wedding party the size of a small army...and they all have hair...and two of them belong to you!