Thursday, March 11, 2010

the Faith of a child

Sunday night while working on the landscaping, I used a wheelbarrow to move some very large rocks from the construction piles down the road. sadly the wheelbarrow tipped over Full of rocks, and landed on my right foot,John swept me up and carried me up the stairs, while icing my foot, sweet darlin Rece came over and said," I asked Jesus to heal your foot". the pain instantly diminished in light of the faith of a little child. As a mom, there have been lots of (moments), but that moment is one I will always remember. My foot has healed well it is now thursday and I can finally wear a shoe, but my biggest take away is seeing Rece go to God in a time where she was unable to help on her own. What a blessing to Know GOD in this life, and see what he is doing. Nothing better.

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