Wednesday, March 24, 2010

potty trained in an outhouse

I am going to start writing things most people probably don't know about me so here goes............Yes, it's true yours truly was potty trained in an outhouse. When most people my age were getting their first computer i was living in Indiana in a little place called Brown county. Raised poor, my dad built our house as he had money for materials, so for about 6 months we lived in our basement with no roof......and, no running water! Our family of 5 took baths in a neighbors pond, my dad built an outhouse for our facilities. I was 2. Prime age for Potty training. Sadly, there was not much incentive to climb out of my warm bed and treck down the hill to the cold smelly DARK outhouse. No, there were no lights. John says I grew up 30 years behind the times.


  1. I don't think I'd be very motivated to walk to an outhouse in the cold either... maybe you should write a book with these stories, even just to pass down to your children! (and to remind them of the blessing of indoor plumbing, of course!)

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  3. maybe ill commission Brett to write this book.